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Holy Texts

Meg Hitchcock creates collages using thousands of letters cut out from books both sacred (eg., the Torah) and profane (eg., The Satanic Verses),

Via Meg Hitchcock:

In my text drawings I deconstruct the word of God by cutting letters from sacred writings and rearranging them to form a passage from another holy book. I may cut letters from the Bible and reassemble them as a passage from the Koran, or use letters cut from the Torah to recreate an ancient Tantric text. The individual letters are glued to the paper in a continuous line of type, without spaces or punctuation, in order to discourage a literal reading of the text. By bringing together the sacred writings of diverse traditions, I create a visual tapestry of inspired writings, all pointing beyond specifics to the universal need for connection with something greater than oneself.

The labor-intensive aspect of my work is a meditation practice as well as a personal form of devotion. My long history in evangelical Christianity formed my core beliefs about God and transcendence, and continues to influence my creative work. I no longer follow a traditional spiritual path, and vehemently eschew all religious leanings. However, I have great respect for an individual’s spiritual beliefs and experiences, and my work is a celebration of that sacred experience.

H/T: Collossal (Click through for more images).

This is just astonishingly cool.  There are TONS more images on her site too.

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